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This blog is intended to help current Year 12 students who are now implementing their post-school education options, secondary students in Years 10 and 11 who are making elective subject choices, past school students and school staff members who may be considering an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or a short professional development course.

Anu Logo I was invited to attend the Australian National University (ANU) Interstate Career Advisors Visit, held on 28 August and on ANU Open Day on Saturday 29 August. This was a wonderful opportunity to learn the unique features of ANU.

Residing in the heart of Canberra, ANU offers a range of programmes within seven Colleges: The College of Arts and Social Sciences, The College of the Asia and the Pacific, The College of Business and Economics, The College of Engineering and Computer Science, The College of Law, the College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, and the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

The theme of flexibility apparent in the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered by ANU echo the flexibility and adaptability that all Australians require as they respond to the changing and unpredictable world of work and a lifetime of learning and work transitions. The flexibility offered by ANU programmes enables those who are career undecided to create their individual study programmes to explore their learning interests, while those with clear career preferences can engage in intense study in their preferred discipline. ANU’s undergraduate single degree, flexible double degree™, vertical double degree™ and research degrees and the postgraduate graduate studies select, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, masters, masters (Advanced) and higher degree research programmes provide a mix of structure and flexibility to cater for a broad range of learning and career interests and preferences.

Undergraduate Programmes

Single Degrees

Anu Open Day Single degrees vary in the extent to which the programme is structured or the extent to which it offers flexibility through choice of majors and minors. Students can choose from over 50 single degree options. Single degrees can be located by area of interest or degree title using the Degree Finder.

Flexible Double Degree™

The flexible double degrees are unique to ANU. Rather than selecting from pre-set combined degrees, ANU’s flexible double degree allows students to design their personalised double degree combinations to meet individual learning interests or career preferences. When applying through UAC for undergraduate study at ANU, those wishing to select a flexible double degree, apply to a group:

  1. Arts, social sciences, business or science. This group allows applicants to combine any two of the 36 undergraduate degree programmes.
  2. Law. This group allows applicants to combine a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) with another undergraduate degree programme from the 36 available options.
  3. Engineering or advanced computing. This group allows applicants to choose one of a Bachelor of: Advanced Computing (Honours), Advanced Computing (Research and Development) (Honours), Engineering (Honours), Engineering (Research and Development) (Honours), or Software Engineering (Honours) with one of 17 other undergraduate degree programmes.

Flexible double degrees can be traditional such as a Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) and a Bachelor of Arts, or something less traditional and reflective of diverse learning interest, such as a Bachelor of Genetics/Bachelor of Music. They can also cater for deep interest in a learning area, such as a Bachelor of Accounting/Bachelor of Commerce.

Entry to flexible degree options is dependent on meeting the ATAR and prerequisites for both degrees.

Flexible double degree possibilities can be explored on the flexible double degree combinator. ATAR, OP and IB scores and prerequisite subjects are provided for each selected combination so that eligibility for the selected double degree combination can be estimated.

Vertical Double Degree™

The vertical double degree involves an undergraduate degree that progresses into a postgraduate programme upon successful completion of the undergraduate degree. The vertical double degree option is ideal for applicants who are clear about their preferred learning pathway from undergraduate studies to postgraduate studies. There are three vertical degree options, including Bachelor of Arts/Master of International Affairs, Bachelor of Asia Pacific Studies/Master of Globalisation and Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics/Juris Doctor.

Undergraduate Research Degree

Bachelor of Philosophy (PhB) and the Research and Development (R&D) degrees in engineering and computing reflect ANU’s position as a research-intensive university. The PhB and the R&D degrees require an ATAR of 99 and students undertaking these degrees must maintain a High Distinction average to remain in the programme. Students enrolled in a PhB or R&D degree will work with an academic adviser, will be exposed to a research culture and will undertake a research projects in their undergraduate degree.

Postgraduate Programmes

Graduate Studies Select

Graduate studies select allows students in consultation with an academic adviser to construct their flexible Graduate Certificate of Studies, Master of Studies or Master of Studies (Advanced) programme from the range of courses offered by ANU colleges and from pre-approved courses with partner universities. This enables students to shape their programme to meet their individual learning, professional and academic interests from a range of disciplines.

Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Master Degree Programmes

Anu CampusProgrammes that lead to one or more of these qualifications are offered in a range of learning areas. These include Accounting, Actuarial Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, Art History and Curatorial Studies, Arts, Asia Pacific Studies, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Biology, Business, Classical Studies, Commerce, Computing, Criminology, Digital Arts, Diplomacy, Earth Science, Economics, Engineering, Environmental and Resource Management, Finance, Globalisation, History, Inernational Relations, Law, Liberal Arts, Linguistics and Language, Translation, Management and Marketing, Mathematical Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies, Museums and Heritage Studies, Music, Physics, Policy and Governance, Psychology, Science, Science Communication, Social Research, Statistics, Strategic Studies and National Security and Visual Arts.

Master Degree (Advanced) is offered in many of these areas. These programmes include a research and thesis component. As higher degree research programmes, Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy programmes are offered to suitably qualified applicants who have identified a relevant research area and research supervisor. More information about higher degree research is available on ANU’s website.

Professional Short Courses

A range of executive and professional short courses are offered by ANU. Short courses are offered by:

Online courses

Many of ANU’s undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered by on-campus mode. This may not suit those who live and work outside of Canberra.

For those who would like a taste of an ANU programme, the University offers a range of free edX online courses.

Australian National Internships Programme (ANIP)

Located in the heart of Canberra, ANU is the only university that offers internship opportunities to Australian and International undergraduate and postgraduate students in the areas of policy, government and politics. Successful applicants are placed in an internship in a government industry or community organisation in Canberra or NSW for 2-4 days per week over the course of one semester. During this time, they undertake a research project and complete a research report, for which they receive academic credit. Students may be placed with the Australian Federal Parliament, the Australian Public Service, the ACT Legislative Assembly, the ACT Public Service, lobby groups or NGOs, industry and community organisations, embassies and consulates.

Internships in the United States Congress of 6 weeks duration over the Summer break are offered to successful ANU undergraduate applicants. These highly competitive internships involve a research project and completion of the research report during Semester 1 at ANU.

Refer to the Australian National Internships Programme website for more information.


ANU offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate Scholarships . Accommodation Services provides information about on-campus and off-campus accommodation options for ANU students. Other support services include the ANU Hub with a selection of cafés, eateries, shops and services, the Careers Centre, childcare, clubs and societies, counselling, the Health Service, the Postgraduate and Research Student Association, sport and recreation, disability services, and the UniSafe Programme.

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