The Importance of Planning Your Future

In the middle years it is important for you to look ahead, explore and plan for your future because you make decisions every year that may have an influence on the learning and career options you can follow in the future. Looking ahead means thinking in advance about the decisions you will make this year and in the future that may have an influence on the learning and career options available to you in the future.

It is important that you explore the possibilities for your future. The two components to exploring the possibilities for your future are:

  • Knowing about yourself. This involves finding out what is important to you, what activities and learning areas you enjoy, your skills and abilities and the unique circumstances in your life.
  • Knowing about your options. This involves finding out about learning options such as subjects and courses, career possibilities, co-curricular activities, community service and volunteering and perhaps getting a part-time job while you are at school.

This kind of exploration provides the background for making well-informed decisions that shape your career. As you make decisions about your school subjects, co-curricular activities, hobbies, spiritual or religious participation, community activities, sporting pursuits and cultural activities, you are building and shaping your future career.

Case Study

Lily, a Year 8 student, started private flute lessons when she was in primary school. When she was in Year 7 she joined the school orchestra and a community orchestra. Drama, English and PE are Lily's favourite subjects and English is her strongest subject. Lily joined the school Drama Club. She successfully auditioned for an acting role in the school musical. In her spare time at home, Lily often relaxes by playing the guitar and writing her own songs. Lily plays tennis as one of her co-curricular activities. She loves tennis and has asked her parents if she can have tennis lessons.

Lily's choices and activities are building and shaping her career.