Choosing Elective Subjects in the Middle Years

Your school subjects build knowledge and skills. They provide a foundation for future years.

In most schools in Australia, students choose elective subjects.

Here are three things to consider when choosing elective school subjects.

  1. Choose subjects that, with appropriate effort, you are likely to achieve success. Doing your personal best in school subjects keeps more post-school options open.
  2. Select subjects you will enjoy. You are more likely to do well when you enjoy the subjects you are studying.
  3. Choose subjects from different learning areas to get a balanced study program. This will help you to:
    • Keep your options for the future open
    • Discover what subjects you really enjoy and why
    • Learn about your subject strengths
  4. Explore and try a subject that you are curious about. This is important because the middle years at school is a time to learn more about yourself – what you like, what you don’t like, your subject strengths.

School Subjects and Career Goals

Luckily in the middle years you can't drop subjects that are essential for tertiary study. These tend to be English, Maths and Science subjects. It is important that you try your best in all your subjects throughout your schooling. How well you go in some subjects can influence subjects and courses you can do in the future.

Some school subjects build skills to give you the edge in getting into a course or job. For example:

  • An audition or portfolio is part of the application for visual or performing arts courses after Year 12. Visual or performing arts subjects at school can help build the skills to audition or prepare a good portfolio.
  • Some school subjects may be helpful for gaining an apprenticeship or traineeship:
    • Food and Nutrition or VET Hospitality may be helpful when seeking a cookery apprenticeship.
    • Woodwork subjects or VET Construction may be helpful when seeking a carpentry apprenticeship.