Find careers that match my interests

Career interest tests help you to find career options that match your interests. Most career tests ask you questions about different activities and you indicate how much you enjoy doing these activities. Based on your answers, a profile of your career interests is generated. If you can see yourself in the profile, then the career test may be useful for suggesting occupations that match your interests. There are many different career tests available.

Your school Career Practitioner may be able to guide you in completing and interpreting a high quality and well researched career test. If you are home schooled you can find a Career Practitioner from the Career Development Association of Australia .

Career Interest Tests

Many people find career interest tests helpful for:

  • Identifying career possibilities to investigate further.
  • Confirming a current career idea.
  • Monitoring and reflecting on your career interests over time. One way you can do this is by completing career tests every year or two while you are in the middle years and secondary years at school, or whenever you are facing a career transition in your life. The pattern of your career interests over a number of years can help you to feel more confident in making career decisions.

myfuture Career Interest Test*

Go to website. Select My Career Profile. Sign up or log in. Follow the guidelines to complete the interest questionnaire. You can then find matching occupations and do some research into the suggested occupations that interest you most. You can also look into related education and training courses.

There are other quizzes you can do in the My Career Profile section of myfuture. These may help you to be more specific about what you might look for in an occupation, job or course. Your work in the My Career Profile section of myfuture is stored in your myfuture account. You can access your myfuture account at any time.

Job Outlook Career Quiz+

Go to Job Outlook. Select Carer tools > Career Quiz. When you have finished the career quiz, your results will show your strength of interest in each of the 6 work style categories. Your top work style categories may give you ideas about what you might look for in an occupation, job or course. You can print your results but you cannot store them on the Job Outlook website. You can explore the suggested career matches on the Job Outlook website.

100 Jobs Of The Future+

The 100 jobs of the future website is the product of a research project that examined the future of work in an increasingly technologically-driven society. This research project was a collaboration between Deakin University Griffith University and Ford Australia and drew on a panel of 11 experts familiar with cutting-edge developments related to work of the future.

The research team investigated major trends, changes in work that will occur in key industries, jobs that will emerge as a result of these changes and the skills and interests needed for these jobs. The research team identified 100 jobs of the future and a Future Job Quiz that individuals can complete to identify their career interests and explore jobs of the possible future jobs that relate to their interests.

Browse the 100 jobs of the future to read descriptions of the 100 jobs.

Find your job of the future by completing the career interest quiz to find possible career futures that fit with your career interest preferences.

* Psychometric properties of this career interest quiz have been researched and found to be good.
+ These career interest quizzes are based on career development theory and are based on research.

A Caution About Career Interest Questionnaires

There are many career interest quizzes on the Internet. However, not all of these are backed up with research into their accuracy and validity. You should look for this information about the reliability and validity of an internet-based career interest quiz. If this information is not available, you will not know how good the career interest quiz is. It may be fun to do the quiz, but it may not be accurate in suggesting career ideas for you.

Your school Career Practitioner can help you with a high quality career interest test. Otherwise, a Career Practitioner who is a member of the Career Development Association of Australia can help you.

Commercially Available Career Tools

Your school or a qualified Career Practitioner may be able to give you some high quality, accurate career interest assessment tools that measure your career interests and/or other aspects about you, such as aptitudes, values and personality.

Here are some examples of popular tools that are backed up by research:

There are others available. Please ask a Career Practitioner about good tools to assess your career interests and help you find career options that may suit you.