Exploring Career Options

It is important to explore career options. This will help decide on your first career step after finishing school.

To make informed decisions about post-school options, you need to:

Start early and explore a large number career options

Narrow down your career options to the top three to five

Be flexible and open to emerging occupations

There are several ways that you can explore career options. Examples include:

Searching Websites With Career Information

There are many websites career information websites. Some examples of useful websites listed in this section.

The myfuture Website

myfuture is Australia's national career information service. It is for young people and people who support them. Discover occupations, courses, careers linked to school subjects, industries and more. Personalise your research on myfuture by completing your career profile.

Labour Market Insights

Use Labour Market Insights to search for occupations and industries. For each occupations, get information about: job tasks, numbers employed, future job prospects, approximate earnings, industries where the occupation is found, the skill and knowledge requirements and how each occupation relates to career interests.

For each industry, discover information about numbers employed, expected future growth/decline, approximate weekly earnings, industry sectors, main occupations.

Australian Apprenticeship Pathways

Discover all you need to know about apprenticeships and traineeships in Australia on the Australian Apprenticeship Pathways website. Find out about:

  • Apprenticeships and traineeships in various industries
  • School-based apprenticeships
  • Pre-apprenticeships
  • Apprenticeship and traineeship training descriptions
  • Apprenticeship and traineeship pathways

Test your literacy and numeracy for your preferred industry.

Get tips on how to get an apprenticeship or traineeship. Watch video clips of apprentices and trainees. Find apprenticeships and traineeships that match your work type and career interests.

100 jobs of the Future

Use the 100 jobs of the future website to:

  • Browse and read descriptions for 100 jobs of the future
  • Complete the Future Job Explorer quiz. This will identify your career interests and related possible jobs of the future.


From the SkillsRoad website you can

  • Read information and watch videos about career options and industries.
  • Find out about education and training options such as:
    • Apprenticeships and traineeships
    • Vocational education and training
    • University
    • Online courses to give you the edge in preparing for and succeeding in the workplace.

Get tips on job hunting, writing a résumé and job interviews.

Take a career quiz to get career ideas. Find jobs you can apply for on the SkillsRoad jobs board.

Industry Websites and Resources

Agriculture and Agribusiness.
Discover career pathways for school leavers through to university graduates.

Australian Defence Forces
Discover defence jobs, training and lifestyle. Find out about the recruitment and selection process. Learn about GAP year jobs, Defence University Scholarships, the Reserves and more.

Care Careers. 
Discover careers in the Care Sector. Find out what care career options may suit you. Watch videos of care workers and their clients. Learn about opportunities in your state or territory.

Choose Your Own Health Career. 
Find out careers in the health industry sector that you can do with vocational education and training (VET) qualifications.

Enquiring Minds. 
Explore occupations in areas such as:

  • Animals and insects
  • Archaeology
  • Books
  • Building
  • Computers
  • Fashion
  • Human rights
  • Photography
  • Police
  • Space

Growing Careers.
Discover careers and courses in forest, wood products and paper industries in Australia.

ICT Careers.
Find out about ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) jobs. Watch videos of people working in different ICT jobs.

Manufacturing Skills Association  has links to career information sheets and career videos on a range of occupations in the Manufacturing Industry.

Go to the Minerals Council  website.
Explore career options in minerals and mining. Download the More to Mining Careers Guide. Read the career stories of Australians working in exciting mining careers. Explore career options for school leavers, apprentices and trainees, tradespeople and university graduates.

My health career 
Explore health professions, including:

  • Dentistry
  • Dietetics
  • Exercise Physiology & Sport
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Optometry
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Psychology

Rural Skills Australia
Find out about career options in Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Care and Land Management. Explore training through VET in schools and at TAFE or Registered Training Organisations. Download the Career Guide.

The Seafood Jobs 
Explore seafood industry career options on land and on water. Discover major seafood businesses in Tasmania. Search for seafood jobs in Tasmania

Occupation Websites

Find out how to become a brick and block layer. It starts with an apprenticeship to get skilled and qualified. Find out the career options once you have completed your trade. Find current apprenticeships on the Become a Brick Layer jobs board.

My Big Tomorrow 
Watch videos clips and information about 93 different career options. See how literacy and numeracy subjects at school relate to each occupation.

Discover courses and career options in surveying.

Professional Associations for Occupations

Professional associations oversee the practice of an occupation. Many professional associations have career information on their websites.

Search professional association websites  for career information.

Careers Related to School Subjects

Maths. .
Search careers and watch video clips about career options related to Mathematics.

myfuture bullseyes;
Explore career options related to your favourite school subject and learning areas.

Careers with STEM.
Explore career options and study pathways in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

The Girls in STEM
Explore careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). You can take a career quiz. Discover STEM career pathways related to career interests. Browse hundreds of potential STEM careers with a VET or higher education pathway.

Websites of Organisations

Many organisations have career information on their websites. Check out the websites of organisations that you would enjoy working for to learn more.

Career Videos About Occupations  

My Gain Channel 
Watch videos of interviews with Australian apprentices and trainees. Find out the qualification they are training for, how they got their job, their job tasks and future plans.

Watch video about many trade and skilled occupations.

Interviewing People Who Work  

Interviewing people who work in an occupation of interest to you is one way to:

  • Learn about an occupation or industry.
  • Get a personal perspective on what it is like to work in a particular occupation or industry.

There are several ways that you can interview people who work:

  • Attend career events and information sessions at school or in the community. Talk to presenters about jobs, industries and education and training options.
  • Attend university and TAFE open days. Talk to people who teach courses leading to occupations that interest you.
  • Interview workers while you are on work experience.
  • Talk to adults you know about their occupations. and industries associated with their jobs.
  • Organise an information interview with an employer or worker. An information interview is where you arrange to meet an employer or worker. You may meet them in person or using a digital platform such as Zoom. You ask questions you have prepared to get insight about an occupation or industry.
For tips on how to do an information interview, read 4 steps to a successful information interview

Job Advertisements  

Job advertisements identify the duties and tasks involved in occupations. They also identify the knowledge, skills and personal qualities employers are looking for. Reading job advertisements is one way to explore occupations. Some useful websites to search for job advertisements are:




Workforce Australia

Ethical Jobs


There are many more job vacancy websites. Use a search engine to find more.

Studying Related School Subjects  

Many professionals work with confidential information. Due to this they cannot offer work experience to students. Studying school subjects related to an occupation can give you insights. For example, studying psychology at school may give some insight into the occupation.

Work Experience  

You can research an occupation by getting work experience. There are several ways you can get work experience. These include:

  • Community service and volunteering
  • Part-time/casual employment
  • School work experience.

Visit your school Career Practitioner to find out how to organise work experience.