Gaining Entry into Medicine and Selected Health Sciences

Several universities offer undergraduate entry medicine and health sciences courses available through undergraduate and graduate entry programmes. Some universities only offer professional medical and selected health science qualifications through graduate entry programmes.

Undergraduate medicine and health science courses

If you have had a gap break and wish to apply for an undergraduate course in medicine and some health sciences in Australia or New Zealand, you will need to sit the Universities Medical and Health Science Admissions Test (UMAT) in the year before you plan to enrol. UMAT is used to assist with the selection of applicants into undergraduate medicine and selected optometry, clinical science, dental and oral health science undergraduate courses.

In addition to completing the UMAT test applicants must meet any subject prerequisites or assumed knowledge requirements, have obtained a competitive ATAR score and for many courses have an interview.

Entry into medicine and health science courses that require UMAT is competitive, so you may wish to consider applying for all available courses in your own state or territory and at universities in other states or territories and New Zealand. See the UMAT Information Booklet for a list of all Australian Zealand courses that require UMAT

Registrations for UMAT open in December and close in the first week of June in the following year. The UMAT test is at the end of July.

The UMAT test is not based on any subject area. However, practice materials are provided upon payment of the registration fee and additional practice materials that may be purchased from the UMAT website.

Graduate medicine and heath science courses

If you have completed a bachelor degree and wish to apply for graduate medicine and selected health sciences in Australia, and some universities in Ireland, UK and Poland, you will need to sit the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT). GAMSAT is used to assist with the selection of applicants into graduate medicine and selected medicine, veterinary medicine, physiotherapy, dentistry, optometry, podiatric medicine and physiotherapy courses. See the list of courses on the GAMSAT website and Information Booklet. GAMSAT assesses performance in reasoning in humanities and social sciences, written communication and reasoning in biological and physical sciences. For reasoning in biological and physical sciences, first year university level chemistry and biology and Year 12 Physics are assumed. For non-science graduates, preparation covering basic sciences to first year university level is recommended.