Support people for learning & career choices

There are many people who can support you as you make learning and career choices. Your parents or carers and siblings know you well. They can help you to choose school subjects, courses, and activities you may enjoy. This can help you make decisions about school subjects, courses and post-school options.

There are several people at your school who can help you to find out about your learning and career options. These include

Career Practitioners who can give you information on things like

  • Careers options
  • How to find out what jobs and courses you might enjoy
  • What school subjects are helpful for the careers and courses that interest you you are interested in
  • How to find and apply for a job. This could include how to:
    • filling out online application forms
    • writing a résumé
    • writing a cover letter
    • prepare for job interviews

If you don’t attend a school, find a Career Practitioner at the Career Development Association of Australia. .

Curriculum Coordinators or year level coordinators. These staff members can give you information about school subjects and courses.

Heads of Faculty/Learning Areas. These staff members can give you details about subjects and pathways in their learning area.

Subject Teachers. Teachers can give you the details of the subjects they teach.

Home room teachers or tutors. These staff members know how you are going at school in general. They can help you think about subject and co-curricular choices.

Coordinators of Sport, Cultural Activities and Service Activities. These staff members can give you details of co-curricular and volunteering activities at your school.