Resources And Tools To Help You Clarify Self-knowledge And Career Options That May Interest You

There are numerous career assessment instruments that you can complete to will give a personal profile and suggest some career options that may suit you. Some career assessments can be purchased and completed online. They give instant feedback about your profile and suggest potentially suitable career and course options. It may be helpful to discuss results of any career assessments completed online with a professional career practitioner.

As part of their service to clients, qualified career practitioners may use psychometric assessments to help you enhance your self-knowledge as a basis for generating career ideas. Some professional career practitioners may use qualitative career assessments that involve you in reflecting on your interests, skills and values and your personal circumstances. Other professional career practitioners may use a combination of psychometric and qualitative career assessment tools. You can search for professional career practitioners on the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) website. CDAA also has links to free resources that you are likely to find useful for managing your learning and work transitions.

myfuture , Australia’s online career information and a career exploration website provides a free service where you can build your personal profile by completing one or more questionnaires. You can then use the website to explore career options that may interest you.