Australian Defence Forces

The Australian Defence Forces is comprised of the Navy, the Army, the Air Force and the Defence Reserves. The entry methods include:

  • General Entry (Non-Technical) - minimum entry requirement is Year 10 with passes in English and Maths. Some roles require a pass in Science.
  • Technical Entry - minimum entry requirement is Year 10 with passes in English, Maths, Science (with a Physics component for some technical qualifications) and one other subject .
  • Australian Defence Force Academy -minimum ATAR and assumed knowledge subject requirements.
  • Defence University Scholarship - completing a relevant degree in Healthcare and Science, Engineering, Business, Administration or Education at a civilian university.
  • Graduate entry with a degree in fields such as Dentistry, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Nursing or Psychology.
  • Reserves - minimum entry requirements depend on the job concerned.

Everything you need to know about applying for entry to the Australian Defence Forces can be found on the defence jobs website .

To make a start, book a YOU (Your Opportunities Unlimited) session as soon as possible after you turn 16 years of age if you are interestedin the Australian Defence Force Academy and 16.5 years if you are interested in other entry methods.