Grow Careers Career Counselling Services

Sometimes self-directed use of career information is not enough to make you feel confident about your next career move. You may prefer career counselling support to help you make and implement decisions about your next career step.

Depending on your life stage and circumstances, you may be wondering:

  • I’m not clear about my career preferences. How do I solve this problem?
  • What occupations would I find interesting?
  • What career options use the skills I have developed?
  • What courses can I study to prepare for the occupations that interest me?
  • How can I keep my career and course options open?
  • What school subjects should I choose?
  • What career options can I do with my degree?
  • How do I combine the career information I have gathered to make good career decisions?
  • How do I write a good résumé?
  • What strategies can I use to get a job?
  • What are the job prospects like in the occupations and industries that interest me?
  • My situation and circumstances have changed. What next?

Career counselling and development services can help you to find answers to questions such as these.

How Grow Careers Delivers Career Counselling Services

Dr Catherine Hughes delivers career counselling and career development support by:

  1. Skype or Zoom
  2. Face-to-face if you can meet in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Catherine has over 30 years of experience as a Career Development Practitioner. She specialises in supporting individuals to resolve their career concerns, including:

  • Workers making planned or unplanned career transitions
  • Adults seeking career change or returning to work
  • School and tertiary education students
  • Recent graduates

Summary of Services

  • Career counselling
  • Career assessment
  • Occupation, education & training and world of work exploration
  • Labour market analysis
  • Advice to students and parents on choosing school subjects from a career perspective; locating and researching post-school courses and institutions, and application processes.
  • Career decision making skills and support in making career-related choices
  • Building confidence in implementing career and education or training decisions
  • Contemporary résumés, cover letters, selection criteria, job interview skills, tips and practice
  • Job search strategies
  • Improving job interview skills
  • Self-help online career information resources and tools

The Benefits of Career Counselling and Career Development Services

As a result of career counselling and development services, you can expect to develop the skills to manage your career throughout your life in the context of a changing world of work and the likelihood of multiple career transitions.

Other benefits of career counselling include:

  • Clarity about yourself and what is important to you in creating or changing your career
  • Understanding your occupation, course, employment and job options
  • An understanding of the changing world of work, the Australian labour market and where the jobs are
  • Confidence in making occupation, course and employment decisions
  • Confidence in taking actions to make successful career transitions
  • Development of contemporary job application documents (résumés, cover letters, selection criteria statements) tailored to job role requirements
  • Understanding of formal and informal job search strategies

To Book a Skype, Zoom or Face-to-Face Career Counselling Session:

Contact Catherine on 0438 936 726 or by Email and outline

  • Your career concern
  • Your preferred service – Skype, Zoom, Face-to-face
  • Your preferred times


  • $90.00 per hour via Skype or Zoom
  • $110.00 per hour for face-to-face services
  • Negotiable for clients on a Government payment

There may be some additional fees charged by external organisations for certain career assessments. The use of these is optional.

Find out more from the Career Development Association of Australia about how career counselling can help you.