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Grow Careers is a social enterprise website that supports best practice in career development in schools. Applying lifelong career development in the context of a school, the site provides career information, advice and screened external links to answer the career questions of:

  • Students (upper middle and secondary years)
  • Parents/guardians as supporters of their child’s career development
  • Past students
  • School staff with their own career development concerns

The Grow Careers website was founded by Dr Catherine Hughes, a career development practitioner and expert in adolescent career development. Catherine has over 25 years experience in helping adolescents explore, plan and implement transitions from school to further education, training, employment or other post-school destinations and holds a doctorate in vocational psychology. She was the recipient of the Career Development Association of Australia 2013 Researcher of the Year Award. Her research and her careers work in schools have been published in academic journals and career practitioner publications and presented at national and international conferences.

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