What decisions will I make at school that can influence my future?

Every year at high school you make decisions that may influence what you can do in the future. For example:

  • Your school subjects help you learn more about yourself and may give you ideas for your future. For instance, if you take Art as an elective subject next year you may find you have artistic talent. This may influence you to keep studying Art at school and even after Year 12. You may pursue a related career, such as an Artist, Art Teacher or Photographer.
  • Deciding to do your best in your school subjects now will give you more course and career options after Year 12.
  • Deciding to do co-curricular activities at school can influence your future. For instance, if you decide to play sport for school you may find you love sport and are good at it. This may influence you to keep up with sport and choose a related career. Sport Administrator, Physiotherapist or Fitness Instructor are examples.