Supporting Careers Work In Schools

Grow Careers provides high quality career development resources for schools. Soundly based on theories of career development, related research findings and contemporary career education and guidance frameworks, the resources are a cost-effective, targeted solution for busy school career practitioners.

Career Guides for Your School Career Library

Career guides to support students and their families to gather and process information and to make and implement informed career and course decisions are customised with your school crest and can be reprinted as needed.

These resources can be:

  • Stored in your school career resource areas in different campuses or locations within the school for students to take for their reference and replenished as needed.
  • Distributed in career education lessons.
  • Made available to students and families at career events.
  • Stored on your school learning management system where they can be downloaded and printed by students and families as needed.

Each career guide is related to an element of the career decision making cycle below.

Career Guides and the Career Decision Making Cycle

The career guides have been colour coded so that you can direct your students and their family to the specific career guide that will best meet their current career needs.

Guide to good decision making

Career Guide Topics

Click on the career guide title to view the first page of each A4 resource. You can download a complete copy of the Labour Market guide. This will show you the structure that has been applied to all career guides.

Knowing I Need To Make A Choice

  1. Knowing When I Need to Make Choices

Understanding Myself And My Options

  1. Knowing About Myself
  2. How to Explore Occupations
  3. Understanding Education and Training
  4. How to Explore Post-School Courses
  5. Researching Course Quality
  6. Labour Market Information – download your free copy now to see what a complete career guide looks like.

Expanding And Narrowing My List Of Options

  1. Expanding My Options
  2. Narrowing My Options

Choosing An Occupation Or Course

  1. How to Make Career Decisions
  2. Choosing School Subjects

Implementing My Choice

  1. Implementing a Career Action Plan
  2. Applying for Tertiary Education Courses
  3. Résumé Writing
  4. Applicant Tracking Systems
  5. Writing Cover Letters
  6. Job Interviews

Knowing I Made A Good Choice

  1. Reviewing Career Plans and Goals

Career Guide Licence Fees

1-4 customised Career Guides $15.00 for each guide for a school year. A bundle of 5 customised Career Guides $13.00 for each guide for a school year. The set of 18 customised Career Guides $10.00 for each guide for a school year.

A licence entitles your school to:

  • Duplicate and photocopy as many copies of the licensed career guides as required for your career resource area, students and their families during the school year.
  • Load the licensed career guides onto your school learning management system or intranet so that students and their families can read or download them.
  • Quote sections of the text in licensed career guides in your school newsletter or other communications to your school community. Please ensure that Grow Careers is acknowledged as the author and source.

NOTE: You will receive a copy of the career decision making cycle image shown above free of charge, which you can display to help you and your students identify the career guides that will best meet their current career decision making needs.

To Purchase a Licence:

  1. Email Grow Careers
    • Clearly state the title/s of the career guides your school wishes to obtain a licence for.
    • Attach a copy of your school crest. Acceptable formats are: jpg or png. The logo size should be no larger than 125 pixels wide by 125 pixels high. School crests that are larger than specified or not in one of these formats may be charged a small fee for labour costs associated with re-sizing/converting the school crest image to an appropriate size/format.
  2. When your school logo is received by Grow Careers, the career library information resources/guides will be prepared, uploaded and transferred to you via WeTransfer. You will receive an email from Grow Careers with an invoice for payment by your school business office and you will receive an email from WeTransfer with a link, from which you can download the career library resources. These resources will be valid for the entire school year.

Renewing Your Licence

Licences are effective for the Australian school year, from February to December. At the beginning of the school year, your will be sent an email inviting you to renew your licence. This email will outline any changes and enhancements to the resources, such as updated weblinks, new information, new websites, content enhancements etc . When you advise of your intention to renew your licence the updated career library resources/guides will be sent to you with a tax invoice.

If your school is located in a country other than Australia and you would like to adapt the links to external resources and relevant content to suit your country context, Email Grow Careers to negotiate a separate licence.

For further information contact:

  • Dr Catherine Hughes on 61+ 438 936 726
  • Brian Kellond on 61+ 418 577 884