Students who want to gain employment need to be prepared and start early. You need to know what type of job you want. This is important because employers like to employ workers who are motivated and enthusiastic about the industry or career field in which they are working. If you want to enter the workforce and don't know what type of job you want, it is advisable to get some help from your school Career Service.

If you are home schooled, you may wish to get support from a professional career practitioner. You can locate a professional career practitioner from the Career Development Association of Australia .

A job search strategy that includes a range of ways of finding employment, high quality job search documents, tools and techniques, a knowledge of the labour market and expectations of employers will help you to find a job, hopefully soon after you leave school.

Job Search Strategy

There are many ways to find work in Australia. Click on the link to find out how people get jobs in Australia. Your job search strategy should incorporate most of these ways of finding employment in Australia. The myfuture  website also has information on how you can improve your chances of finding employment by searching for employment in a variety of places.

You can download a Job Search Plan which helps you to prepare for looking for employment and gets you started on looking for a job. By following the Job Search Plan you will use a variety of methods of looking for employment.

When you search for employment you will need:

The Australian Labour Market - Find Out Where the Jobs Are

Understanding the Australian labour market can give you some important information that will help you to know the industries in which you are more likely to find employment, the skill levels that employers look for, what employers look for when recruiting employees, future job prospects, and more. The Australian Government Labour Market Information Portal is a comprehensive source of labour market information and reports. Your school Career Practitioner can help you to make sense of labour market information.