Job Interview Skills

There are numerous websites with good information to help you prepare for a job interview. A selection of useful links is provided here.

Job interview tips. Search for the article called ‘Job Interview Tips’ in the Career Insight section of the myfuture website

Read job additional job interview tips:

careerone job interview tips

Interview tips for Australian Public Service Commission jobs

Job interview advice from the Victorian Government

Sample interview questions

Research the business or organisation. Watch this video clip.

Plan what to wear.

How to answer job interview questions. Watch a video with tips on how to answer interview questions.

Examples of typical job interview questions. Practise answering typical job interview questions. Do a mock interview by asking a Career Practitioner, friends, parents, a career coach or others you know to interview you. Record it on your smartphone, ipad or tablet and see how you will come across to an employer.

At the Interview make a great impression in the first few seconds. To find out how, see the tips on this Job Jumpstart article.

Video Interviews

Digital or video interviews are becoming more common in the hiring process. Video interviews are conducted remotely using some form of video technology, whether it be a specialist video interviewing platform, a video chat or conferencing platform, or your smartphone, tablet or iPhone.

There are two approaches to video interviews:

  • You may be required to connect to a video interview platform at a time and place convenient to you and record and respond to a set of questions that are presented to all applicants.
  • You may have a video interview where you, the interviewee and the interviewer/s are present at the same time and the interview is conducted much like a face-to-face interview, but digitally over the Internet via a platform such as Skpe or Zoom.

Either way, digital video interviews can be daunting! Read some tips on the Career Insight section of the myfuture website on how to prepare for a digital or video interview.

Read information on how to prepare for a video interview.

If You Are Successful

Of course, a job interview is a two-way process. See the articles in the Career Insight section of myfuture

  • How to accept a job offer
  • How to decline a job offer