Rapid Response Skills Initiative (RSSI) Careers and Employment Advice

RRSI is a Tasmanian Government program administered by Skills Tasmania – Skills Response Unit to support individuals who have lost their job due to retrenchment, downsizing or business closure.

Depending on your life stage and circumstances, you may be wondering:

The aim of this program is to get people back to work as soon as possible. The Tasmanian Government provides funding assistance to eligible individuals for career and employment advice and training.

Catherine Hughes, Founder of Grow Careers, is registered to provide RRSI career and employment advice. Catherine is a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia. She has delivered career advice and services for over 30 years to individuals across the lifespan in education, outplacement, career transition, and vocational rehabilitation. Catherine has a PhD, Masters degree and Graduate Diploma in the career development field.

Eligibility criteria for RSSI support and funding include:

  • Tasmania resident.
  • Workers who have been retrenched in the last 12 months.
  • Partners of workers who have been retrenched in the last 12 months who wish to enter the workforce or gain more secure employment.

Go to the link to the RRSI link on the Skills Tasmania website for more information or to complete an online application form..