Changing Career Direction

If you are facing a career transition such as seeking a new career direction in your current school or an external organisation or if you want to seek out a completely different work opportunity, you will find some helpful links and tips here to help you manage your career throughout your life.

The Essential Career Guide is an easy-to-read ebook written by one of Australia’s leading career practitioners. It contains career advice, tips and exercises that you can complete to help you to identify the type of work that you will find satisfying, make good career decisions and develop plans to implement your career choice, including how to job search efficiently and successfully.

You may wish to do a career interest test to focus on your interest preferences and how they relate to the world of work and occupations. The brief RIASEC career interest measure can be downloaded from this website. When you complete the interest measure and the reflective questions at the end, you can use the suggested resources to explore some career possibilities.

You may prefer to work with a qualified career practitioner to guide you through the process of identifying work opportunities and related training that will fit with your lifestyle preferences, personal circumstances, interests, values, skills, knowledge and experience and support you as you take actions to implement your preferred work options. You can search for professional career practitioners on the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) website. CDAA also has links to free resources that you are likely to find useful for managing your learning and work transitions.

Not Ready to Retire and Looking for a Challenge?

The government focus on increasing the retirement age is a timely reminder that as a part of the process of relinquishing a current work role and preparing for retirement, many workers reduce their commitment to their main work role and may reconstruct their career by seeking out new and often quite different full or part-time work opportunities.

Seniorpreneurship is an increasing trend in the Australian workforce. For those interested in seniorpreneurship, a MOOC on entrepreneurship may help to get you started. The Australian Government's business website provides essential information on planning, starting and growing a business.

How to Make Career Decisions Throughout Life

See what's involved in career choice and a guide to good decision-making to help you make career moves within your school, into an external organisation or into another work opportunity.