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Got a Job Interview?


Your application communicated a fit between your attributes and the requirements of the job.

Keys to Improving Your Job Interview







  • Dress appropriately for the industry - but as though the Prime Minister is attending on the day of your interview.

  • Avoid extremes – employers are conservative!


  • Plan your travel arrangements to make sure that you arrive early (10 minutes early at least).



Update your portfolio – include recent examples of your learning, achievements, skills, participation etc.
If your portfolio is getting large:

  • Create a smaller job interview portfolio.

  • Insert a collection of materials from your main portfolio that provide evidence of your learning, achievements, skills and participation directly related to the job you are being interviewed for.


Research the job and the organisation.

Read the information about the organisation on its website.

Talk to people you know who work at the organisation.


Prepare answers to possible questions

  • Career websites and books and on job interview skills may be good sources of interview questions that you may be asked.

  • When answering interview questions, illustrate your point with examples from your experiences whenever possible.

Your questions to the employer

  • Plan questions you wish to ask the employer. Your questions should show your interest in the job.

  • Plan questions to show the research you have undertaken to find out about the job and the employer.


Rehearse your answers to interview questions you may be asked

  • Don’t learn your answers off by heart, just rehearse them enough so that you will feel confident when answering similar questions in the actual job interview.

Arrange a mock interview

  • Ask a parent/guardian or other adult to role play a job interview with you.

  • Consider making a video recording of your mock interview. When you watch the recording, you can note any aspects of your interview technique that could be improved before your actual interview.



  • Arrive early.

  • Review your application materials.

  • Make sure you can substantiate your claims and expand on the information in your cover letter and résumé.

During the interview
The interview may have structure something like this:

  • Welcome, introductions and icebreaker questions.

  • Questions to explore your skills experience, knowledge, and fit with the job.

  • Your questions.

  • Close – next steps, any final input.



  • Enthusiasm, interest, motivation.

  • Listen carefully, ask if you don’t understand.

  • Use appropriate non-verbal communication – sit up straight, smile occasionally, make eye contact, avoid distracting mannerisms such as fidgeting.

  • Convince employer you are interested in the job and will enjoy doing it.

Follow Up

Consider sending a thank you letter or email.

Well done if your interview landed you the job!

For job interview tips, check out the short video clips on the Snagajob Youtube channel.