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How People get Jobs In Australia

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics. Job Search Experience (Cat. No. 6222.0) July, 2011; Feb. 2014.

Some Facts

1.7 Million Australians got a job in the year ended June 2013.

14% of these were young Australians aged 15-19 years of age.



You ask an employer for a job
an employer asks you!

15-19 year olds

Whether they had prior knowledge that the job existed - June 2013.

job search pie chart

15-19 year olds

Whether they had prior knowledge that the job existed - June 2013.

Making direct approaches to employers is becoming more important.

June 2013

job search pie chart 2013

June 2010

job search pie chart 2010

There are Many Ways to Find a Job:

Examples of steps taken by people who got their first job ever held in the year ended June 2013

Method % who used this method
Wrote, phoned or applied in person to an employer 57.3
Answered job advertisements in newspapers 10.7
Answered job advertisements on the internet 35.2
Answered job advertisements on job noticeboards 4.9
Had interviews with employers 68.1
Contacted friends and relatives 34.8
Advertised for work 2.4
Registered with Job Services Australia 9.6
Registered with other employment agency 4.8
Registered with Centrelink 9.7
Did not take steps (i.e., an employer asked the jobseeker to work) 19.0


There are many ways to get a job.

Many available jobs are not advertised.

Young Job seekers should use all available ways of finding work, especially:

  • Making direct approaches to likely employers by phone, in writing or in person.

  • Networking with friends and relatives to source job leads.

  • Checking job vacancy and company websites on the internet for job vacancies.

  • Checking job advertisements in the newspaper.