Grow Careers User Guide

Grow Careers provides information and external links to resources that answer the career questions of these groups in Australian school communities:

  • Students - Middle Years
  • Students - Secondary Years
  • Past Students
  • School Staff who have their own career concerns
  • Parents/Carers
  • Career Practitioners

Each menu item has expert career information and direct links to relevant pages of external websites to further answer your career questions or provide you with information you are looking for. This means that you don’t have to keep a list or bookmarks of helpful career websites. They are all on the Grow Careers website.

The Grow Careers website is mainly intended for self-directed use. Some people may also want to talk to a Career Practitioner. If this is you, seek support from:

The table below is a guide to the career topics covered for each user group. Clicking a tick will take you to the selected topic and user group. From there you can further explore other topics by:

  • Selecting a menu item that appears at the bottom of the page you are on, or
  • Selecting the back button on your browser to return you to this table

Download the User Guide to help you navigate the site and get the information you need